Job Opportunities

Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Openings at Colorado State University (CSU)

Faculty Adviser:  Azer Yalin, Professor, Dept. Mechanical Engineering

Research Area: Laser Diagnostic of Plasmas and Electric Propulsion (EP)

We have openings for graduate students and post-doctoral researcher(s) to develop and implement laser diagnostic methods to electric propulsion plasma thrusters (e.g., ion and Hall thrusters) used for satellites and space exploration.  Ongoing projects include developing laser diagnostics including Cavity-Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) to study thruster sputtering and erosion, Two Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence (TALIF) to study densities of neutral atoms to examine facility effects, and Thomson scattering for electron properties. We also conduct research on laser induced plasmas (LIPs) and their use for ignition and combustion, as well as LIPs for triggering of high-power switches.  Graduate student applicants do not need specific experience in these areas; post-doctoral applicants should have familiarity with laser diagnostics and/or plasma sources.

Group webpage. We are located at the Powerhouse Energy Campus and EP projects are performed collaboratively with CSU’s Electric Propulsion and Plasma Engineering Group.  Info about the Department of Mechanical Engineering and CSU. Information about Fort Collins (ranked as one of top US cities to live in) can be found here and here.    Start date: ASAP / Fall 2022.

Please contact: Prof. Azer Yalin


I am the propulsion lead at Astranis, a satellite manufacturer based in San Francisco, CA.  At Astranis we manufacture and operate a line of MicroGEO™ spacecraft for regional broadband and broadcast services.  We are building this new generation of geostationary-capable microsatellites with the goal of bringing underserved communities around the world online.

Currently we are looking to develop our in house analysis capabilities for electric propulsion interactions including erosion/deposition, plume impingement, plume heating, and spacecraft charging.  We are seeking a skilled and passionate engineer with a background in these types of analysis to join our dynamic team.  In addition to EP analysis this new team member would support feed system design, assembly, test, mission operations, and potentially PPU and gimbal development efforts.  If you know of anyone with an aptitude for analysis and a drive to be a part of something big please pass along the job posting linked below.

Astranis Full time Propulsion Engineer